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Ocean City Resort Gift Expo Show

 Ocean City, MD
October 29th-31st
Booth #228



Knoxville, TN
November 7th-9th
Booth #2006    




Collectible ornaments,
Handpainted from the Inside

Each reverse handpainted ornament begins with a freehand sketch. An extremely thin brush is inserted through the top opening, and outlines the desired image. Color is then painted inside the outline. Colors are often blended before they are allowed to dry. This gives depth to the image. Mistakes are unforgiving, and time consuming to correct. Each ornament must be painted perfectly. In the final step, the background is filled in. The final product is a beautiful ornament. A true work of art.


A unique process called “reverse glass painting” painting is done from the inside using very special narrow brushes and pointed sticks.

Custom Design

We offer three custom options; Exclusive Designs, Name Drop & Calligraphy.

Additional Products

Our Ornaments come in 3”, 4”, Teardrop, & Bell shaped-Pick your Favorite